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Szechuan Restaurant is great. The food was very good & arrived on time. I recommend ordering from Szechuan! However the ordering experience with Grubhub was not good. I placed this order days in advance & then checked back with Grubhub on why my order hadn't been confirmed yet. The Grubhub employee said the restaurant hadn't received my order & advised me to cancel my order & enter it again, which would be quite inconvenient, when I expressed my displeasure with that he then said that the restaurant "found" my order.


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Restaurant included a soup in place of ordered lo mein. I called and they said enjoy the soup and they would send the driver out with the corrected order. The driver was back within 20 mins. The house soup was amazing! Might have actually been better than their combination lo mein. Everything is great there!


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The Hunan Spicey Chicken was fresh and hot, as a delivery should be. Tried the sugared donuts as a new taste choice and these were piping hot and flavorful, not too sugary. Hopefully, this will be the way all future orders will be. It was a Monday evening when I ordered.


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The food is so good and they give large portions! I got the teriyaki chicken and filet mignon hibachi with extra chicken and it came with fried rice & yum yum and wow that was amazing. 10/10 would recommend!!!


4 reviews
I love Szechuan and will be sad to not order here any more since I just moved. In the two years I lived in delivery range, I ordered here many many times. The food was always on time, hot, and delicious.

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It was super good and it got here super fast!


1 review
Delicious! Authentic! Similar to NY style :)

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